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How To Choose The Best Salt And Pepper Grinder Set For Your Kitchen

New kitchenChoosing the best salt and pepper grinder set for your kitchen may not sound like a difficult task – and the truth is that it truly isn’t so difficult, as all you need to do is to opt for a grinder set that meets your needs. Simply put, there are several different aspects that you need to pay attention to, such as the grinding mechanism or whether the grinders are automatic or manual. That being said, here are several useful tips and hints that will help you make the best choice in terms of grinder sets:

1. Manual Versus Automatic Grinding Mechanism

Both the manual and the automatic grinding mechanisms have their benefits and their disadvantages. For instance, if you want to cook the traditional way, then a manual salt and pepper grinder (be it a duo or an individual one) is surely the best choice, especially since most of them come with a convenient, easy-push button that allow you to grind the ingredients before you even know it. On the other hand, if you want to take care of the grinding part quickly and without the hassles, then an automatic grinding mechanism will certainly come in handy: the automatic salt and pepper grinders work either on batteries or they can be recharged, and the latter typically provide between 15 and 20 minutes of continuous work before they need to be recharged again.

2. Keep In Mind The Type Of Grinding That You Aim For

One of the most important aspects you need to keep in mind before making your final decision is the type of grinding you are aiming for, because the old, classic grinders typically come with a fixed grinding mechanism that do not allow you to adjust the settings. However, the newer and more modern grinders do allow you to set the grinding type from the finest one to the coarsest, depending on how fine or how coarse you want your spices, your salt or your pepper to be. Different types of dishes require different settings, for the best results!

3. The Overall Appearance

A stylish and modern kitchen surely asks for a stylish, elegant and high-end salt and pepper grinder set, such as the ones made from stainless steel. These grinder sets usually come with a classy and stylish looking stand as well, therefore there is nothing to be concerned about. Nevertheless, if you have chosen a traditional and rather rustic kitchen, then you will certainly be better off with the classic type of manual grinder that does not have a sleek finish. It is all about the appearance and the aesthetics of the grinder sets, it has absolutely nothing to do with the functionality of the mills whatsoever.

To conclude, these are the top 3 most important features and characteristics that you need to pay attention to when choosing the best grinder set for your spices, salt and pepper. In a nutshell, make sure to pay attention to the grinding mechanism (be it automatic or manual), the grinding settings (they should allow you to select the options from fine to coarse) as well as the appearance of the set.

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