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Best Lithium Ion Cordless Drill Review

Cordless DrillCordless Drills reviews allow you to make an informed decision when looking to purchase one of these extremely versatile and handy tools. This then, is the aim of this site. We aim to provide detailed information on all of the top brands and you can see these reports on the other pages of this site. If the information we provide allows you to buy the best cordless drill for your project then we will have succeeded. However let’s begin with an overview of what makes cordless drills such a good choice.

Cordless power tools are all the rage these days and with good reason

Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of corded verses cordless drills so you can see for yourself what your options may be. Corded drills supply the most power and torque and are generally the most durable. They can be used to drill concrete, bore holes and mix mud. On a regular basis most homeowners don’t require all of these functions.

A major advantage is that they are always ready to go providing continuous power; however they are dependent on a nearby power supply. Often corded units are heavier than cordless but many offer features not found in cordless drills. In some situations the cord can be intrusive and very restrictive compared to cordless that don’t have this requirement.

As opposed to corded drills, cordless are easy to transport anywhere and you don’t have the cord hassles. Some types will have less power compared to corded drills and they are restricted by the battery capabilities that are available. Recharging can take many hours compared to just plugging in a corded drill which is ready to go instantly. To achieve higher voltage for more power they have added a little more weight to accommodate this feature. Improvements in technology have increased power capabilities that once were unattainable.

Cordless have less safety issues just because they don’t have the power cord dragging on the ground or catching on other objects near by. They are much easier to use for the hard to reach places than corded. In recent years there have been some major achievements in battery packs; early models used interchangeable 7.2V battery packs and now you can purchase 12V cordless drills or higher.

Manufacturers are now using lithium ion batteries which have resolved some memory effect problems and short charging times. A Lithium cordless can supply continuous power in the sense that you can exchange power supply packs for freshly charged cordless drill batteries if you always keep one on hand. Remembering to keep power supplies (batteries) charged and ready to go is another responsibility not required with corded.

Making sure batteries are always charged and ready for use in just part of the responsibility required to make these tools functional. An ideal situation is to have spare battery packs already charging so you can easily exchange them out for a new charged pack rather than having to wait hours for the battery to recharge.

In addition to some of the general features that you just learned about for cordless drills you may be interested in learning some tips about additional features that can come in handy. Bosch drills come with external brushes that can be easily changed out when they become worn. Keyless chuck is a top priority option besides a dependable motor.

Auxiliary handles make it easy to find a good position and angle to work with. For consistent results using multiple clutch settings is a nice feature and helps to reduce instances of wrist snap. Stopping the drill immediately with the use of an electronic brake can avert costly mistakes.

Look for newer quick start drills. Variable speed controls with the addition of reversing capabilities helps to remove screws quickly. Cooling fans and heat shield technology provide longer periods of use and work to stabilize overheating conditions. Look for cordless drills offering two batteries for charging as opposed to one.

Consider the pros and cons of features for both cordless and corded drills to see which offers the most advantages for your purposes overall. Make a point of looking for special features on different brands to get the best value for your money. Don’t forget to read editorial and consumer reviews about any products that you are interested in purchasing. Learn from others experience and insights so you come out ahead.

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