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Why you need a battery backup sump pump

why-you-need-a-battery-backup-sump-pumpThere are many people in the world who stay in places that get submerged every year in water. Everyone tries to find a way to get rid of such issues. So, sump pumps are the main solution to such a problem. Sump pumps are known to everybody but little do people know about how to make these sump pumps work efficiently to get good results. If you want to have effective results you must buy sump pumps with the best battery backup.

Here is a list of best sump pump battery backup systems provided by Securitysaint.com:

WAYNE WSS30V Pre-Assembled 120/12V HP Primary and Battery Backup Combination Sump Pump System

  • It consists of a floating switch which helps to operate the pump automatically.
  • This sump pump is made up of durable cast iron.
  • Even in the case of high flow, it is corrosion resistant.
  • It is featured well with two heavy duty check valves.
  • This pump is perfect for sump pump basins with a diameter of 15 inches.
  • This sump pump is designed for a flow rate of 4200 gallons per hour.
  • This model is US based and both foreign and domestic parts are being used.
  • This pump is very easy to install.

WAYNE ESP25 12 Volt Battery Backup Sump Pump System

  • It consists of a smart charging option which is always far better than the ordinary charger.
  • It also has a LED light indicator and alarms. These features help to inform the owner when the backup is ready and also about the charging status of the battery.
  • This sump pump is corrosion resistant and sealed because it is made up of thermoplastic.
  • It has a float switch and it is operated automatically.
  • This sump pump can flow about 3300 gallons each hour.
  • This pump is used in basements and places where high-value items are stored.
  • This pump can be installed easily.
  • This pump is US-based, where both domestic and foreign parts are being used.

Liberty Pumps SJ10 1-1/2 Inch Discharge Sump Jet Water Powered Back-Up Pump

  • This sump pump can pump around 19.5 gallons per minute.
  • This pump can withstand supply pressure of about 100 PSI.
  • It has a removable foot valve and a built-in screen.
  • UPC approves this pump for better results.
  • As per the requirement, the stainless hose clamp can be adjusted easily.

WAYNE WSM3300 Sump Minder™ Advanced Notification Battery Back-Up Sump Pump System

  • This model has a back-up battery of 12 volts and also has advanced notification systems.
  • The microprocessor of this pump checks the battery back-up and battery status once in 14 days.
  • This pump sends a voice alert to three phones in case of a low charge of battery.
  • It has a smart charging method.
  • This pump offers 92 hours of basement protection.
  • It consists of a built-in display screen and double float switch with panel buttons.

507-0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump

  • This pump provides protection when the primary pumps fail.
  • The battery of this model can be overcharged.
  • The battery of the sump pump can self-recharge for 10 amps.
  • It consists of indicators, alarms, and other warning alerts.

Thus, choose your battery back-up sump pump only after a detailed study of the above-given reviews to get rid of water logging problems.

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