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What is the secret behind polished concrete floor?

polished concrete floorPolished concrete flooring is now in the latest trend. It’s a good combination of durable and attractive floors. Are you in doubt?

Well let’s have a look about its benefits.

  • It is strong and hard-wearing.
  • Its complete natural which possess no toxic or allergic element.
  • It has a low cost of maintenance.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It comes in a wide range of styles.
  • No need for timber covering or carpets with it.

Polished concrete floors Melbourne is cost and time efficient and allows the slab of the concrete to get doubled to become a fully furnished floor. You can design your concrete floor, just according to your wish. After sealing the concrete, you can finish them with a matte finish or you can gloss them up.

Flooring with polished concrete

Since decades, the process of sealing and polishing the floors made up of concrete in trying to evolve. The stage, where it belongs now, is quite amazing and impressive. With the use of new technology, it has got a variety of choice for texture, colour and design. With the help of grinding and polishing, you can now renovate your old worn out concrete flooring into ideal flooring. They are so strong that they can even handle the scratches from a traffic vehicle. So, all together they are a package for smart flooring choice.

Steps for polished concrete flooring

The first step for the creation of a polished floor is grinding. It can do the following thing for you:

  • Level the floor in an evenly manner by grinding the high areas in the floor.
  • Smooth the surface to get it ready for painting.
  • Repair the damaged areas in the flooring
  • Remove topping of concrete, paint, coating of epoxy, adhesives like tile glue, carpet glues and vinyl glue.

Next step is concrete sealing, which is a process for new concrete flooring, but you can use resealing for your old floors too. In sealing, different kinds of coatings of adhesive and paint are added to give a proper finish. Nowadays, slabs of concrete and the toppings come with different colours integrated in them. If you don’t like the colour in the slabs, then you can also stain it with other colours.

After colour coating, to increase the durability and reflectivity of the flooring, various coatings like epoxy coatings, polyurethane coatings and other non-toxic coatings are used. These coating are used according to the circumstances, condition of the floor, choices of user and availability of resources.

Choice of Expert

If you are interested in polishing your concrete floor, or get new flooring, then you should better consult someone, who’s best in it. Experts of this job will offer you their service in a reliable and affordable rate. Try to go for those who works with the latest machine sets and have long years of experience in this field. Some companies provide their service for both residential and retail purpose.

So that will solve your problem, if you want to renovate your office and your home together. Also, opt for that company who will guarantee you to provide a dust free and quiet environment during their work.


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