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The Elegance of Shabby Chic Furniture

shabby chic furnitureHome décor has always been a subject of creativity and importance. Decorating your home will make you feel comfortable and can uplift your mood! Out of the plenty of various options that you can choose from today, shabby chic furniture is a type where furniture is either antique or is made to look that way for decorative purposes. This kind of furniture gives an impression that the items in your home have been around for a long time. Nevertheless, it has a beauty of its own and it more often than not it gives your home a touch of the Victorian Era. In the genre of shabby chic furniture, there are further subdivisions like French Country, Cottage Chic, Gustavian or Swedish and Beach Cottage Chic. This type of furniture gives the overall effect of elegance and class.

The items look like they are worn out as this gives the feeling of antiquity. The furniture often contains multiple layers of paint, some of which is removed in some portions to give it the worn-out look. However, a soft, cottage style look is maintained to give it a warm, homely setting. It can be used in a number of ways. For instance, it can be used to set up a whole room with the entire range such as sofa sets, side tables, centre tables, chandeliers, and lamps and so on that look great together or you can also opt for the furniture to be kept in a quiet little place by itself. Even though this style of furniture started and became popularized in Britain, today it is very much sought after, all over the world.

Some of the places that you can get shabby chic furniture are listed below –

Homes Direct 365 is based in the UK. This is a great place to get shabby chic furniture. Apart from this type, they also have French furniture, mirrored furniture and French mirrors. You can choose shabby chic furniture from a variety of ranges such as cabinets, cupboards, side tables, sofa sets, chandeliers and much more!

Or for instance, if you live in Australia, this type of furniture can be bought from Shack. They have beautiful and classy French inspired pieces that can bring a new touch to your home! All their items are designed by professionals in the field and of very good quality. If you are interested in shabby chic furniture, be sure to check them out!

If you are looking for shabby chic furniture in the USA, you can take a look at Not Too Shabby, Shabby to Chic Décor and Handpainted Furniture as they are some of the good places that you can get to choose items for your home.

Whichever part of the work that you live in, shabby chic furniture is pretty much available. If you are planning on buying furniture for your new home, or maybe just re-modeling your home, you should definitely give shabby chic furniture a thought! All the above mentioned places have websites that you can check out for reference.

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