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Seagull Lighting

Since 1919, Seagull Lighting has been providing consumers with all kinds of home lighting product solutions that suit a wide range of different home lighting niches. For example, Seagull Lighting offers product options for indoor lighting, and outdoor lighting fixtures as well. Since indoor and outdoor lighting products have some very different features to account for the different environments they are intended to be used in, it is advised that consumers learn about all lighting options before making any purchases. With outdoor lighting fixtures from Seagull Lighting, the product options tend to be a bit more rugged and structurally fortified so that they will be able to easily stand up to the elements and to any birds and animals that may attempt to compromise the structure of your lighting for their own purposes. Indoor lighting options from Seagull, on the other hand, are considerably more aesthetically flexible, in the sense that they have much more design variability since they do not have to withstand any environmental extremes of the elements. To further inform consumers and home owners about some of the product options available from Seagull Lighting, some additional information about these products will now be detailed.

Indoor Lighting Fixtures From Seagull Lighting

There are a wide variety of different indoor lighting fixture options available from Seagull Lighting, with indoor lighting products suited for every different type of living space. Chandeliers, wall lighting, bathroom lighting, wall sconces, pendant lighting fixtures, ceiling lighting fixtures, recessed lighting, foyer lighting fixtures, fluorescent lighting, and LED lighting fixtures are some of the available lighting product niches. Each one of these different types of lighting fixtures can be used in various indoor parts of a home or other type of residential space; it is up to the home owner to determine how to orient the indoor lighting fixtures in their living spaces.

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures From Seagull Lighting

With regard to the different outdoor lighting fixtures from Seagull Lighting, there are product options for all different types of residential outdoor settings. Whether you’re working on lighting for a patio or backyard area, or you’re trying to decide what kinds of outdoor lighting fixtures you would like for the front of your home and/or porch space, there are options to fit all kinds of outdoor lighting needs. Outdoor wall lanterns are especially popular for the way they are durable and long lasting, while also giving a home some character in terms of its aesthetic appearance. Outdoor pendant lighting as well as outdoor spot lighting are also highly popular types that are frequently purchased from this reputable seller.

Energy Star Lighting Options From Seagull Lighting

For those individuals seeking to be more environmentally conscious in terms of the lighting they install inside and outside of their home, Seagull Lighting offers a wide range of different Energy Star compliant lighting options that will serve to save energy for homeowners, and the environment. Basically every type of lighting fixture available from Seagull Lighting is available in an energy star compliant version, so environmentally conscious home owners can select all of the green technology lighting solutions they need.

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