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Locksmith Scams – The Risks Involved In Calling The Wrong Locksmith

LocksmithWhen it comes to the concept of utilizing a locksmith service, many people never consider the possibility that they could fall for a scam. However, statistics demonstrate that many people fall for locksmith scams on a yearly basis. In this overview, we’ll take a look at the risks that are involved with calling the wrong locksmith and some scams that they perpetrate on a yearly basis.

1) Identity Theft
Statistics demonstrate that organized criminal enterprises are setting up locksmith scams for the sole purpose of acquiring their customer’s credit card information. The thing about this scam that makes it so disdainful is that they will provide the service that their customers expect, however, once they have acquired their customer’s credit card information, they eventually sell that information to other individuals or utilize it for themselves.

2) Bait And Switch
One of the other risks that are associated with acquiring the wrong locksmith is the old bait-and-switch scam that many dubious individuals conduct on a yearly basis. The scenario goes like this: You find yourself in a predicament where you get locked out of your house. Naturally, you grab your phone and call a locksmith that you found on a website. You inquire about the quote and you get a great deal. Just $29 for a lockout ! However, when the shady individual shows up, he springs it on you, it’s going to cost you $700 and you need to pay him immediately. You tell him that he’s crazy and that you refuse to pay that much and he tells you that he will call the cops. Scammers like these swindle many of their customers for hundreds of dollars for a job that should cost a fraction of what they demand.

3) Cash Only Scam
One of the other scams that you need to be on the look out for is the “cash only” scams. Dubious individuals who pose as legitimate locksmiths may proclaim that they take credit cards, but say that their machine is broken, once the job is supposedly completed. However, these individuals know that if they do a poor job, the customer could dispute the charge through their credit card company. By paying them with cash, if you are unsatisfied with their work, you have no way of getting your money back so be weary.
4) Whole New Handle Scam
This is one of the more subtle scams that many unsuspecting people fall for. Typically the individual in question will proclaim that the only way that they can unlock the door is to essentially drill it open or in other words, destroy the handle completely. Once the handle has been destroyed, they will try to make a sales pitch about a whole new handle set.


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