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Home automation technology

Home Automation System
You are allowed to control different elements of your house with the help of a centralised system by home automation LightwaveRF technology. Your daily life is made very easy and comfortable by this technology. Convenience is also provided to you by this overwhelming latest technology. A wide range of great benefits are presented to you by it. You are also allowed to save a lot of gas and electricity by using this technology of LightwaveRF.

Benefits of home automation

  • Extra safety is provided on the controlling of lighting and appliances.
  • Home security is upgraded with automatic door lock option.
  • Awareness is increased with security cameras.
  • Different types of software and modules are used to create fascinating projects.
  • You can easily control the automated device due to extreme convenience.
  • Money can be saved by using this technology of home automation.
  • Users are allowed to operate all the functions of the house by using only a remote.

What is LightwaveRF?

Each and every home owner is allowed to have a smart home by this advanced and fascinating technology of LightwaveRF. Slaves and controllers are included in this network system. In this way, many functions of the house can be operated by the users with the help of a computer, smartphone or tablet.

The homeowners are also allowed by this technology to operate the devices of power heating and lighting from any place on the earth. Every homeowner is enabled to ensure the security and safety of their assets. Their homes can be monitored regularly and money can also be saved by using the LightwaveRF technology.

LightwaveRF is mainly designed for the ultimate convenience of the homeowners to maintain the security of their houses by controlling various devices with the help of a remote. It is a stylish, modular and easy system by which a part of the home can be increased and expanded by adding modules.

How does the system work?

Heater valves, power sockets and light switches are some of the components of LightwaveRF technology. Homeowners are allowed to control various functions of devices which are plugged in these power sockets. Any module can be removed by you, as the entire set up will not be disrupted by doing this. You can use remote to control these modules with the built-in LightwaveRF technology. Communication is conducted between the modules and remotes wirelessly. These devices are controlled by the homeowners on a central command system.

smart home

How to manage the devices?

The web, Lightwave Link should be accessed to operate your home from any part of the world. LightwaveRF Web App for tablet or PC can also be used by the homeowners for availing the home automation technology. The system website has to be logged in by the users to download the app. The commands from the users are received and passed on by the Lightwave Link to manage the devices at home.

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