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Garden Space Designing by Lachie Anderson

Garden Space DesigningGarden designing is a very particular type of landscape design, which has gathered speedy momentum in both commercial and residential spheres. Today, a large number of people greatly value a landscape designer’s appreciation of natural beauty, along with the artifice of perspective, dimension and space. People now realise that beautiful outdoor space compliments indoor spaces, besides promoting well-being, health and better quality of living.

For designing home and office gardens into beautiful, elegant spaces, Lachie Anderson Landscapes can be promptly hired. Their quality landscape designers select a process for transforming the garden space based on matching the architecture of the client’s home or office area. Former clients have regularly recommended their garden designers due to their efficiency in projecting a true reflection of the quality of work done by them.

Gardens designed by them include their trademark design elements. These vary from clever use of timber decks, pavingand placement of pools to retaining walls using dry stone rocks. Be it the Sandy bayside soils of Brighton or clay soils of Kew, Lachie Anderson’s landscapers can completely transform the garden space to suit the image envisioned by the client. Their team of experts completely understand Melbourne’s unique climate, along with their client’s busy schedules, and as such, try to work around these tight schedules to ensure completion of garden landscaping within the stipulated period of time.

All the various kinds of trainings for landscape design and construction are undergone by each and every Lachie Anderson’s employee. These include trainings in paving, lighting, drainage, brickwork, feature walls, ponds and pergolas. These landscape designers not only create beautiful gardens, but also keep them sustainable and functional. Their services stretch from design to garden maintenance, restoration and reparation of existing gardens. Design, maintenance and landscape construction services are provided in all of Melbourne and Victoria.

The design process employed by Lachie Anderson Landscapes follows a sequential order as listed below:

  • Consultation – At this stage of the process, they meet the client and discuss their requirements. Once their needs are correctly conveyed, an initial appraisal of the site and scope of the project is established. A proposal is then compiled for the client’s consideration.
  • Concept Design – Once the proposal is accepted, they conduct an on-site analysis to assess the assets and limitations. This results in a more comprehensive landscape design that complies with the client’s demands. This design clears the picture regarding configuration and functions of spaces, areas of soft and hard landscaping and the provision of services like lighting and irrigation. It is finally presented to the client for review.
  • Design Development – After the client’s review, the initial design is changed based on their suggestions. Various samples and images of proposed material is presented to the client for approval. After completion of its selection, a final design is committed to the detailing of the construction of the job before commencing.
  • Construction Documentation – All necessary construction documents are prepared. Input from other professional bodies may be taken to make the correct choices.

Lachie Anderson Landscapes is renowned for their exceptional quality of work, original garden solutions and great customer support. Having over 15 years of experience in the field of garden designing, they are one of the safest bets anyone can and should take.

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