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Different dining room lighting ideas to set the right mood

Dining rooms are not just places for sitting and eating; they are also a place for entertainment. The mood and atmosphere that one needs in the room can differ with the time of the day or the company that one has. Having different dining room lighting can help in creating the desired feel.

Some Ideas for the Dining room Lighting

Natural Lights
Ideally, dining rooms should be well lit with natural lights. This lets you eat a meal without spending any money on artificial lights during the day. The way in which natural lights can light up your dining room is unbeatable. Some smartly placed mirrors along with one or two windows are enough to lighten the entire room in a natural manner.

2. Pendant Lights
Pendant lights enclosed in shades made of colored or clear glasses and suspended over the dining table makes your dining room an absolutely delightful. Eating at such a table with lights concentrated at one spot is highly enjoyable. A pendant light can be hung at different heights to add to the overall decoration of the room. A pendant light also works well in a corner dining area where there is a limited space.

3. Down Lights
A down light can be used at a dining table for lightening up the food and the setting. A down light can be built into the chandelier where it can become the centre piece of the decor. The other variety of down lights is strategically hung from the ceiling above the dining table.

4. Chandeliers
Chandeliers add a charm to the decoration of your dining room as they hang low and serve as a light source which is the centre piece in the décor design. Choosing designs that mask the light bulbs so that it does not shine on the table is recommended. In case you have crystal or glass chandeliers, make sure that the light is pointed towards the ceiling.

5. Lamp Shades
A lamp with a shade, placed at strategic locations will allow focusing light on certain areas of the dining room. A table lamp with a shade can also light side areas especially the cutlery cabinets or side tables.

6.Recessed Lighting Fixtures
In case you need relatively low levels of light, you can go for a recessed lighting fixture. These dim and ambient lights are usually desirable in places like dining rooms.

7.Track Light
You can use a track light if you want to highlight table centerpieces or an artwork placed along a wall.

The ambience in dining rooms doesn’t need to be very bright. However, it’s always preferable to have a light that can easily be adjusted. This is where a dimmer can be used. Using a dimmer helps you in regulating the intensities of different lights so that they are not harsh on your eye. A dimmer can be very soothing and also helps you in adjusting the lights according to your mood. A dimmer usually works with the help rheostats.

The abovementioned lighting ideas for the dining rooms, can add to the attraction of your dining room and make it more welcoming and cheerful. Choosing correct types of lights can change the overall decor of your dining room.

An aesthetically planned lighting can do a wonder in terms of enhancing the overall feel of your space. Different lighting fixtures create different atmosphere in the dining area. Dim lights can also make for a romantic dinner. Go for a bright light when planning a friends or family get together.

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