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Beat the cold with Norris Air

heating-repairThere are places where the cold really chills your bones? Phoenix AZ is such a place where the cold can really get you if you do not have any protection against it, especially during the nights of the winter months. A heating system is an effective protection against the chilly winter as it can keep the whole house warm and comfortable for long periods. Now, it is very important to find a dependable company which can provide heating installation and heating repair Phoenix services. Norris Air is one such dependable service provider which has been trusted by the residents of Phoenix for more than 43 years. Their service is quick, cheap and dependable.

How much heat do you need?

A lot of things must be kept in mind while choosing a suitable heating system for your home. To start with, there are many different types of heating systems available to buy. You will have to choose the type you want amongst radiant heaters, furnaces, heat pumps and ductless mini split systems.

If you choose Norris Air, they will carefully analyse your house and will help you choose the best heating system which is suitable for your needs. The most popular heating system is the heat pump system and furnaces, though other solutions are also quite popular.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps act a lot like a centralised air conditioner. It only has one major difference that is, unlike ACs, heat pumps takes in the heat from outdoors to the indoor part of the house. It does this with the help of electricity and then distributes the heat evenly indoors with the help of a warm-air delivery system.

There are two subtypes of heat pumps too. Geothermal heat pumps extract the heat from the ground, while air-source heat pumps get the heat from outdoor air. Geothermal heat pumps are quite expensive, but they are also very useful and efficient as the ground always has more heat stored than the outside air. They are great for people who are seriously concerned about comfort in their house or live in the coldest parts of Arizona.


Many people use furnaces for heating up their houses. Furnaces can work with a variety of fuels, including electricity, natural gas and petrol. In these systems, the air is heated by the use of a fuel and is then delivered to the rooms of the house with the help of an air distribution system. The exhaust is then released through a flue pipe. This system has been used since early times, but it has evolved a lot to meet current standards. It saves a lot of energy compared to its early counterparts, which required a lot of energy to vent out the remnants of the combustion. Nowadays, furnaces extract the maximum energy from the fuel, making this a cheap and energy efficient option.

Radiant heating

Radiant heating is one of the simplest methods of heating. In this system, special devices are used to dissipate heat by convection and infrared radiation. These heating systems are usually installed underneath the floor, on wall panels or on the ceilings. The radiant heating system is mostly located at the floor, and is thus called radiant floor heating system. This system is very effective compared to others because it directly dissipates the heat in the air, thus eliminating the need for transportation. This reduces heat loss due to transportation.

Repairs by Norris Air

Norris Air not only provides high quality heating system installation services, but also heating repair services as well! Repairing the heating system is very important for uninterrupted comfort. Norris Air can repair you damaged heating system in order to negate any future problems, and that too at a very less price!

Their serviceman will come instantly and help you with your problem. It is better to call them in the early stages of damage. But how will you identify if the heating system is damaged? The answer is quite simple. You’ll just have to look out for any abnormalities, such as reduced heating effect, noises from the system or abnormally high electricity bills (if you are using an electrical heating system). After finding any anomalies, you must ask yourself questions like is your heating system quite old or is it damaged at some important part? This will help you explain your problems to the repairer.

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