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Bathroom Sconce

For a variation of bathroom lighting that can be purposeful and aesthetically pleasing at the same time, a bathroom sconce lighting fixture may be the perfect solution. With such an incredible variety of different sconce brands, manufacturers, and style themes to choose from, a bathroom sconce can be found to match nearly any type of bathroom decor theme. A bathroom sconce is essentially a light which is attached to a wall with some sort of ornamental bracket, which provides a highly versatile array of different product options since the basic design elements are so simple. To give consumers some additional information about these useful and attractive bathroom lighting product options, some of the primary options when it comes to choosing a bathroom sconce will now be presented.

Single Bathroom Sconces

A single bathroom sconce is basically a sconce that features only one light bulb socket in its design. This makes single sconces like these especially suitable to the kinds of lighting situations that are relatively smaller and requiring a low amount of light overall. For these situations, a single sconce is generally preferable to a double or triple sconce since a double or triple is most likely going to provide too much light in an especially small space. For bathrooms that are relatively large, double and triple sconces should be considered for their ability to project significant amounts of light throughout a room.

Double Bathroom Sconces

With a double bathroom sconce, not only is an ample amount of light going to be produced, but also new stylistic qualities can be utilized in the design. The kinds of symmetry that are used in the design of double sconces are preferable to many people for their visual appeal and balance. Double bathroom sconces can be purchased in a wide variety of material compositions, and light orientations.

Horizontal Sconces

A horizontal sconce is one that features its light arrangement in the form of a horizontal line. This design is used significantly more often than a vertical sconce design would be, in part because most consumers prefer it’s aesthetic qualities, and also because vertical light arrangements are not always quite as efficient as horizontal ones in terms of their ability to project light throughout a room.

Vertical Sconces

Although vertical sconce designs tend to be used a bit less than horizontally arranged designs, some of them are actually very well crafted and can provide a bathroom with an especially unique lighting fixture. Using vertical bathroom sconces can truly set a bathroom a cut above the rest in terms of decorative quality, when chosen and implemented tastefully.

Style Variations

The different styles of bathroom oriented sconces are typically characterized not only by the amount and arrangement of lights they feature, but also by the kinds of materials that compose the bracket fixture. All different kinds of metals and finishes are used on different bathroom sconce designs, leaving it up to the decorator or home owner to decide which sconce designs are right for their bathroom(s).

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